No Time To Die Trailer Insight

No Time To Die! The trailer has dropped. Bond 25. The last of Daniel Craig as James Bond? Who knows…

Let’s talk about the new trailer. You can check it out here if you haven’t seen it:

I’m not gonna break it down frame by frame like a crazed fanboy – I speak normal person. It’s a solid trailer, slickly produced as expected. Hits the standard Bond notes. Glossy action, gorgeous scenery, a glimpse of the villain (Rami Malek). No real sense of what the hell is going on, but we still kind of know because every Bond movie is kind of the same.

There’s an interesting wrinkle in the addition of another double-0, a female African-American played by Lashana Lynch. This is possibly to set her up to take over the franchise after Daniel Craig moves on. Or to do spin-offs. Or cause they’re going after the lucrative untapped audience of the WNBA. All 35 fans.

But that’s not the story.

The story is how they got to this trailer. And it’s a familiar story with most studio trailers.

After having numerous agencies take a crack at cuts that get revised to death by a handful of “creative” people, the top options will then be tested to death with research companies and everyone involved will fret over inconsequential differences in numbers and make more “suggested” revisions before presenting their Frankenstein work to the filmmakers.

Then the filmmakers usually make them go back through the process over again. And again. The more powerful the filmmakers, the more the studios strive to appease them. But even relatively novice filmmakers are often enabled. All of this costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with really big movies it can moves into the millions. For one trailer.

But with so much riding on these films it’s understandable, right? Trailers make or break ticket sales. It’s true.

Even though there are about 25 other cuts and versions along the way that would sell just as many tickets (or even more sometimes), including one way back near the beginning of the process – before all those people jumped in and before all that money was spent.

That’s the real story.

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