Here’s What’s Not Leaving Netflix Anytime Soon

The holidays are tough.

You’ve got work parties, family events, emotional outbursts at the dinner table. You find yourself, even in those moments of silence, feeling guilty about the things you should be binging on streaming services for fear of not doing it and seeming completely pop-culturally out of it the next time you’re at the water cooler (if that even still exists). It’s tough to prioritize. It’s tough to decide what’s important. It’s just plain tough, period.

High class problems, I know.

Thankfully, there’s a slew of journalists and websites out there sucking from the teat of Netflix who are more than happy to tell you every month what’s leaving the service. It’s a key, important part of society now, so you don’t exit a month without getting that last little freebie before it isn’t fee any more.

But that’s just one part of the story. One part of the equation. Because it’s good to know what’s leaving Netflix but it’s also good to know what isn’t. Because those are the things you don’t have to, feel guilty to, or feel pressured to watch any time soon.

In fact, here’s a list of things you never have to watch, because as far as we know, utilizing common sense, the SNTS algorithm, and some handy inside information… These things will never disappear. Armageddon might destroy the planet, but the following list of content will remain.

For those who don’t know, studios who make movies and TV shows have the right to license those shows to as many places non-exclusively as they’d like. Some content, like the real valuable stuff (i.e. Marvel, Disney, The Office, Friends) will be set aside for their own streaming services. But others? Ones that aren’t so valuable? That won’t bring anyone to their own services with the utterance of exclusivity? Those, they make available everywhere. And those projects…well…they’re probably going to stick around.

So, once you’ve gone to those work parties, seen your family, handled those emotional outbursts, felt guilty in those moments of silence, binged all the shows you know you need to be able to talk about at December events, cleaned out the dirt from your toenails, used Drano for the shower drain, filed your receipts and fallen asleep watching old studio movies from the 90’s… Then, you can think about watching some of these shows. Or not.

Because they aren’t going anywhere. Ever. They’ll never leave Netflix.

The Toys That Made Us
The Movies That Made Us
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
Re-runs of The Bachelor
The I-Land
Iron Sky: The Coming Race
Great News
The Trailer Park Boys
[Insert any cooking competition show here]
The 100
Vantage Point
The Repair Shop
Tiny House Nation
Honey 2
Lo Mas Sencillo es Complicarlo Todo

We hope you enjoy the fact that you’ll never have to watch them.

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