Hey, John Boyega? Shut up.

With J.J. Abrams’ (notice how no one is saying George Lucas) The Rise of Skywalker just days away from either changing your life or ruining it; everyone is out there on the junket circuit telling cute little stories about working with J.J., the end of the saga, and their opinions on lens flares and the like.

But John Boyega? The dude has successfully shoved his foot in his mouth.

In a recent interview, our good Finn-tastic pal said, “The Force Awakens I think was the beginning of something quite solid, The Last Jedi if I’m being honest I’d say that was feeling a bit iffy for me. I didn’t necessarily agree with a lot of the choices in that and that’s something that spoke to Mark [Hamill] a lot about and we had conversations about it. And it was hard for all of us, because we were separated.”

Hey, John Boyega? Shut the hell up.

Are you really going out and promoting the third movie of a trilogy that most likely made that bank account of yours look pretty damn amazing, and telling everyone you hated the last one you were in? Haven’t you learned from Hollywood celebrities that if you’re going to bag on a movie you were in previously, that you wait at least until you’re done working for said set of movies before you start talking shit? Don’t you realize that people who may not have seen the last one, which included key plot points that bridge the story to The Rise of Skywalker, are now going to go into that rewatch with your baggage on their backs? Haven’t you thought about your parent company, Disney, who doesn’t care so much about your experience on that last film, but does care about people watching it? Don’t you realize that those residuals you get from the last movie are directly related to the number of people who watch it?

So, yeah. Shut up.

It’s one thing to be rebooting an entire new part of a Universe (like, oh I don’t know, Ghostbusters), and talking shit about why your new version will have nothing to do with the most recent version that tanked at the box office. But when you are still actually in the actual friggin trilogy? That’s like telling your wife, who gave you two children prior, while she’s giving birth, that you were never a fan of that second kid she delivered to you. Not only is it going to piss off your wife, but anyone who likes your second kid is going to start to wonder what kind of parent you really are. What kind of person you really are.

So what kind of person are you, John Boyega?

I’d like you to be the kind of person who can play a part in a movie; a movie that the Universe cares about, and not shit on that Universe before we buy tickets to another trip to that Universe. I’d like you to be a good employee and support the entire vision, not just part of it. I’d like you to be like that co-worker who doesn’t bag on the Accounting Department while telling everyone the HR department is really where it’s at.

I think people are spending a lot of time talking about their expectations for The Rise of Skywalker, but you know what?

This is the story I want to hit.

(And I want to hit John Boyega, too.)

12/12/19: A response to the above post has been added here.


  1. Brendan

    I agree with your point that this seems like a dumb move on Boyega’s part. Like, why say this now before the 3rd movie is even out.
    But I can’t understand why you are so angry and hyperbolic in this article. It’s as if you take personal offense to Boyega expressing his thoughts on the movie. An actor has no obligation to be completely positively about a film just because they starred in it. Then you completely lost me when you said he should be a “good employee.” Do you work in Disney PR? Why do you care?

    I’m going to assume the weird angst in this article has something to do with the immense toxicity surrounding any discussion of TLJ. But without that context it just reads like a super-fan angrily ranting

  2. Joe Cool.

    So you want him to be a good employee, not a good human being?

    As a human being he’s entitled to his opinion and has a right to express it. He’s not the first actor to say they disliked a film they were in either.

    1. AC

      Oh yes, how dare someone speak negatively against something created by Disney. How dare they.

      TLJ was terrible. You can like, others can not. Just like the prequels, but behind the pretty visuals it was a disaster of writing and continuity.

      Get over yourself.

  3. Atlantean

    Oh, yes, John Boyega is really pissing people off.
    So much so, in fact, that a lot of the fanbase is still actively supporting him, regardless of that fact.

    I do agree with the comment above, as well; The meaningless anger and lashing out of just makes you look like a petulant fanboy angry over the fact an actor in the new Star Wars films didn’t seem to care for The Last Jedi.

    That said, I suppose this is the closest you’ll ever be to experiencing the same feeling if anger that other fans, namely those sincerely displeased with the Disney Trilogy, as a whole, are feeling when they see someone close to the films talking down on something they truly care about.

  4. Carl

    First of all, TERRIBLE argument. Voicing your difference of opinion regarding a movie you worked on is somehow like telling your wife you regret having a kid? I don’t think so. This article seethes with the contempt and vitriol people like you accuse us who dislike the Disney Trilogy of harbouring.

    Let’s talk about that title too, shall we? You use a single quote from Boyega to argue your point – the one in which he brings up the fact that there are others like him who disagree with the creative direction The Last Jedi took. Need I remind you that Mark Hamill has been doing the very same thing, even before The Last Jedi released?

    Why is all of your anger directed at John Boyega? Why not Mark Hamill? J.J. Abrams? I’m not accusing you of racism in any form, but next time please make a coherent argument that holds up to even the slightest of scrutiny. This is just sad.

  5. E

    All he did was say he felt “iffy” about TLJ, not that he hated it, and that’s all it takes for you to go out of your way making an article telling him to shut up? I enjoyed The Force Awakens particularly for Finn, and was disappointed by TLJ for the way Johnson handled the character. If Boyega feels the same way, I absolutely want to hear his opinion.

  6. Krumpli

    Apparently everybody who criticizes your precious little shitpile of a movie has to shut up. You now can’t have opinions on things unless it’s sucking disney dick. You apologist cunts make me sick.

  7. BANE

    Uh oh. Can’t have that black man stepping out of line can we? TLJ was garbage, Boyega knows it and it’s hard to tow the line when you’re an honest person. Can’t wait for RoS so this garbage trilogy can be forgotten, rarely to be mentioned again.

  8. Phil

    No, Boyega should not shut up. It is common for actors in a movie series to come out and say an earlier film was below expectations, as a way of saying they’re going to do better on the next one. By criticizing Last Jedi, a film that was far from universally loved, Boyega is trying to lift Rise of Skywalker. He’s doing his job. He has already succeeded in earning respect from fans for speaking his mind (putting him in the storied company of Mark Hamill – where is your article telling Luke to shut up?). He’s also gained respect in much the way Henry Cavill recently gained respect for pushing back on a leading question about “toxic” fandom during a recent interview for The Witcher. There is no law saying Boyega can’t speak his mind, just as there’s no law saying you have to agree with him. But telling him to shut up goes against the spirit of George Lucas’ creation.

  9. cm

    LOL What a dumb article. The Last Jedi is arguably one of the worst movies ever made, let alone thee worst star wars movie ever made. If i was woman I would hate this new trilogy just for the sole fact that it makes women look like they don’t have to work for anything and just get everything handed to them in life. That should be concerning for all women out there. That these movies can cause that perception to others out there should enrage all women and should lead to boycott of the final Star Wars movie by women..

  10. Mike

    How do you think people felt about The Last Jedi flushing all of the expectations people had coming off of The Force Awakens? You’re a hypocrite if you defend people who were invested in TLJ but not those who were invested in TFA and felt let down by TLJ.

    This was inevitable. Disney & Lucasfilm either had no plans for this trilogy or they planned to fail. Either they accidentally did everything to piss off fans with each movie, or they made every dumb decision on purpose knowing fans would be outraged so they could call them bigots in response and get that sweet, social justice, anti-Trump, Hollywood street cred.

  11. Darren Smith

    Shana, you are nothing but a racist. You are an entitled millennial that probably can’t have real responsibilities because you get too stressed. You are an abomination to humanity and to your family. Why don’t you go to a good school and learn journalism if you want to write real pieces?

    It is clear that you will never make it far past this website. You are the Tomi Lahren of SNTS – an ignorant.

  12. Poster

    Dear Shana,
    He should totally speak out against movies he doesn’t like. especially if he was a part of it. Yes it probably is better for his career and 9’s success if he stays quiet.

    he’s choosing the path of less money to be honest with the fans about how he feels. that should be celebrated and praised, not threatened with hitting him.

  13. John

    How c could you write this, read it, and fail to realize at any point in the process prior to being published, that you sound like a whiny child?

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