Escape From The Jedi: When Movies Were Just Movies

There once was a time when you would go to the movies and you knew nothing about the movie you were about to see.

Maybe you knew who was starring in it. Maybe you’d seen a movie they were in before. But there were no celebrity gossip sites. Trailers came after the movies were over. And trailers, in general, didn’t give away the ghost and every single plot line from the film. You went to the movies to escape from your uneventful life and enjoyed the experience as a shared experience in the darkness of a movie house.

Today? That’s all gone.

Now, we clamor for every little detail we can find about an upcoming obsession. We scan the web for pictures from the set that someone took from behind a garbage pail. People try to steal scripts, sell them on eBay, suggest their opinion on the trailers, the designs, the people playing the roles in the movie. Do they resemble the character as they were described in the book? Is there something we can complain about now? Too many women? Women, period? We live in a society of fanboys and girls, gossip and spoilers, the private lives of celebrities, and everyone believing they have an opinion and that it matters. It’s what the world is like today, and it’s what we’ve all bought into. What we believe we now own. We used to go into movies blind. But not anymore.

Is it so much to ask to find a way back to a place where one went into a movie without any baggage? For fourteen bucks and heart-burn causing buttered popcorn, it shouldn’t be.

I don’t care if it’s John Boyega or J.J. Abrams or Disney or Lucasfilm or my second-cousin twice removed. I don’t want to go into your movie thinking about how the last iteration wasn’t something you enjoyed, or liked, or supported. That shouldn’t be a part of the movie going experience. I don’t want to hear about your politics or your opinions. You play a character in a movie. Be that character. Or, at least, share your opinions about life separate from how you feel about the movie I am about to go (try and) enjoy.

There was a time when movies were just movies. You went to them, you experienced them, and it was a way to forget about your problems outside of that movie house.

Now we go in with the baggage of a thousand fools.

I just want to go back.


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    Please name the person with their gun to your head forcing you to read these opinions and politics you don’t like so we can report them to the cops

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