Like Trump? Good Luck In Hollywood

If you’ve ever watched any awards show ever, what’s absolutely clear is that the town is run by liberals. Liberals, democrats, independents, socialists, AOC-lovers; whatever you wanna call them. But the one thing they all have in common is that they can’t stand Trump, his cronies, his actions, his face, his hair, his family, his Mar-a-Lagos, his golf clubs, his grammar, his anything. They hate him with a fervor that exceeds that of Harvey Weinstein, of all-male nominations for Directing categories, and of the people behind Playmobil: The Movie.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Every meeting, every conference call, every free-water meeting that occurs in Hollywood always begins with the “shooting the shit” portion of those meetings and aside from weather, the traffic one contended with to get to said meeting and the latest box office successes or failures; everyone always turns to the “sad state of the world” and how that is the result of our current administration and those in office. And if you’re on board with the hating, it’s an easy conversation to have. Just roll your eyes, scoff loudly, and say one of the following phrases:

“We gotta get that guy out.”

“Everything rests on this next election.”

“I can’t even…I can’t even sleep at night knowing we have a maniac in the Oval Office.”

There are thousands of other phrases that can be uttered in that moment; phrases that easily put you in the category of “supporter” and then the rest of said meeting can continue. It is a passive hazing of sorts in Hollywood; proclaim your support for the cause, confirm to those around you that yes, you too, hate Trump, and then move on with a meeting that may or may not result in a script deal, a sale, some work, or a job.

You’ve done your work, dear Democrat. Now you can work in Hollywood.

But what if you aren’t…you know? One of them?

Your silence speaks volumes. Your inability to come up with something horrible too say about Trump is a clear tell. If you don’t come out and agree with the people across from you in that conference room, there’s a very noticeable reaction. The thoughts run through their heads — is this guy a Trumper? Do we even want to give this guy a job when we know that he’s part of the problem? It’s not imagined, people. This is true. This is real.

This is Hollywood.

There are some, for example Tim Allen, who go on talk shows and comically state how he is a black sheep in a sea of white. How his TV show, which was cancelled at its height of popularity by ABC/Disney, primarily because of his show’s conservative bent and his support for the other side. You can believe it or not, but it speaks volumes that when his show landed on FOX, it continued its successful run as one of the most popular sitcoms on the face of Network television.

There are many out here in Hollywood who do support Trump. But they don’t want to say it. Because they want to work. And so they quietly go about their business, nod and smile knowingly when the subject comes up like a guy who doesn’t watch sports trying to muddle through a water cooler conversation about last night’s game, all because we now live in a town where McCarthyism has evolved into Hollywoodism; which penalizes someone for not believing what the others believe.

And it’s going to keep on growing.

Let me say this — my political leanings don’t matter in this discussion. I’m not for him or for her or for them. But I am for people working and living in an environment where they can believe what they want and support who they believe. And in Hollywood, that’s not happening. There’s so much politically-correctness seeping into every aspect of the town, that your opinion on the government, diversity, award nominations and whether or not gluten is a thing can make or break ones’ career future in the blink of an eye.

And that, my friends, isn’t how it should be.

You like Trump? You should be able to like Trump. And you should be able to do it in Hollywood.

It’s just unfortunate we live in a world where that ain’t happening.

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