Why The Hell Is Booksmart Getting An Oscar Push?

Booksmart, the so-called “female” Super Bad, is getting an Oscar push in Hollywood. Did you see the movie? That’s okay, no one did. It’s not terrible, but it’s also nothing special. So why does anyone think it should be nominated for awards? Why not offer the Hellboy remake For Your Consideration while we’re at it?

Mediocre movies get the Oscar push all the time. Usually for political reasons. Studio relationships with talent, pumping someone’s ego, all that crap.

But that’s not the whole story here.

Sure, clearly someone is trying to win points with Booksmart director Olivia Wilde. Capable female directors are verrrrry in vogue in Hollywood these days, in case you missed all that (also see: Elizabeth Banks lands next directing gig after the brilliance of Charlie’s Angels).

Booksmart was also written by women. And stars women. And even the male characters act like women (instead of how males normally behave, but whatever). Look, I’m fine with all of that. Women are awesome. Equality rules.

But this just feels like the sole reason it’s getting an Oscar push. For women. Are the performances really Oscar-worthy? The direction? The screenplay? Like, best of the year? Really? Maybe the sound editing?

Do comedies often get nominated? Did Super Bad – a similar, but funnier and more successful version of this idea? Was there even a push?

Listen, it’s a fine little movie. I wish the best for everyone involved. I’m all for seeing what Olivia Wilde does next, and I hope she crushes it. But can’t all that happen without pretending Booksmart is The Godfather?

Give the Academy stuff a rest.

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