The Avatar Sequel Stories Will Involve Swimming, Gazing At The Sunset, And Driving A Mercedes-Benz

We’ve been waiting ten friggin’ years for the sequels to James Cameron’s Avatar.

In those ten years, lots has changed in the industry. Back when Avatar came out, the kind of motion-capture technology was still in its infancy, so were many of the fanboy and girls who spent those last ten years obsessing over the MCU. It’s no surprise that Thanos in Avengers: Endgame looks one-hundred and sixty-two times more realistic than any of the characters that were originally introduced in the 2009 sci-fi action extravaganza.

So we have been waiting on Sir Jimmy to bring us the goods. Knowing what’s possible out there in the world of cinema (or as Scorcese calls them, amusement parks), our hopes have been high. Our expectations lofty. Knowing that Cameron was shooting both Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar: The Awakening all at the same time, has whet our whistle for multiple concurrent holidays of Avatar goodness starting in the very far future date of December 2021. Let’s hope the World hasn’t been blown up by then.

But the release plan isn’t the story. The story is today’s amazing bounty of concept art from the new Avatar sequels, and what they tell us about the narrative we’ve been so excited about. Again, it’s been ten years, so to finally get to see some of the amazing artwork from the upcoming films, and to be able to discern what these movies are going to be about?


So let’s take a look at these amazing images, and what we have gleaned from their release today at CES in Las Vegas. We’ll walk you through each one and open your eyes to the amazing spoilers about Avatar and the next chapter of these groundbreaking narrative tales.

The Na’vi Ride DNA-Enhanced Mosquitos

Many filmgoers who saw the original Avatar came out of the theaters asking one question that was never answered. Namely: Where the heck are the giant DNA-enhanced mosquitos, and can they ride them? Well, our questions have been answered. In fact, not only does the new Avatar sequel introduce these wild, wacky, quirky sidekicks, but in an homage to the original Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, there appears to be a kid of Pod race of the Na’vi on their mosquitos across a crystal clear, blue ocean of sorts. It’s clear this is one of Avatar 2‘s big action sequences, with the Na’vi competing for the Mosquito 100 Crown and winning the glorious Scepter of Pandora.

The Na’vi Fish Like They Never Fished Before

If you’re an avid fisherman, you know it’s really tough to fish at night. Even under a gigantic luminescent moon like the Na’vi have on Pandora, it still is kind of hard to make out the shadows of the moving alien fish. But in Avatar 2 (or maybe this is Avatar 3), there’s clearly a bit of a MacGuffin that has to do with finding a fish or an underwater creature; but only by using their bow and arrows. Have you ever tried to fish with a bow and arrow? I have. It’s hard. But as we know, the Na’vi are a resourceful bunch. Clearly this has to be from the second sequel, Avatar 3, because after glancing at the Mosquito Race from Avatar 2, we just think that they wouldn’t overload one movie with both amazing sequences. We kind of hope Jake is a great fisher. From the looks of him, we think he has it in him.

There Will Be Swimming

Thank God. There’s swimming. You know, the biggest problem with swimming is that you often can never get enough sunscreen on your body, or it washes off in the salt water. Now, I don’t know or remember if the water on Pandora is salt-based or fresh-water based, but what I am glad that James Cameron has finally revealed in these pictures? There are floating rocks above the water, which means there’s a lot of shaded areas to keep you from getting sunburned while frolicking in the water. Here in this amazing piece of concept art from Avatar 2, Jake and Neytiri contemplate if they’re going to swim out in the open under the crisp blue sky or below the floating rocks. Clearly this occurs after a battle or the Mosquito Race (as explained above). But swimming will give the two of them to better connect with each other and evolve their relationship to an even higher plane of existence.

Vehicles, Vehicles and More Vehicles

James Cameron loves vehicles, which is why he worked closely with Mercedes-Benz on this “far-out concept” called the “Vision AVTR”. Cameron said that the vehicle has no steering wheel but actually uses the driver’s heart beat to power it. He billed it as “a completely new interaction between human, machine and nature” according to this stunning piece of journalistic wowza over at Variety.

But what didn’t Cameron tell us? Just who is going to get to drive this motherfucking amoeba-car. All it got us thinking about was the amazing kind of chase sequence, clearly earmarked for Avatar 3‘s final climactic battle, and having Jake and Neytiri arguing back and forth over whose heartbeat, exactly, gets to power the car. They’re going 1000 Navis, which is pretty fast, but then Jake’s heart takes over and they slow down to 800 Navis, and Neytiri is like, “let my heartbeat control this baby, they’re so close on our tails!” Or something like that.

Bottom line, after ten years of waiting, these images have really given us a ton to chew on. And for all the time we’ve spent worried, concerned and scared that the Avatar sequels might suck; these new images and especially the swimming conceptual art, confirm once and for all that waiting until the end of civilized history for the next movie is going to be well worth it.

Well worth it, indeed.

[Insert Na’vi goodbye in their native language.]

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