Decoding The Westworld Season Three Teaser

Spoilers ahead.

If you are a person who is a fan of sex, robots, virtual reality, City Slickers, Yul Brynner, the reboots of Planet of the Apes, anything connected to the Nolan family, guns, horses, J.J. Abrams original IP films like Super 8 and Cloverfield, and/or anything that they sell in an Apple Store, then you are clearly the core audience for HBO’s amazing, confounding, stellar, maddening, visually engaging and absolutely confusing show Westworld.

Westworld‘s first season was a stunner, and only took five episodes into the original ten to reveal enough juicy information to keep one going. Westworld‘s second season was a bit of a letdown, with logic and rules going out the window in favor of a finale that was the catalyst for a Season 3 that we hope can make up for a meandering second-act.

And now, here we sit, just months away from the March 15th premiere of the third season, and HBO has just dropped a Teaser Trailer that, in actuality, gives way more away about the third season than anyone would have expected. Go ahead. Watch it first, then come back after the fold for the spoiler-heavy discussion:

We are in the middle of a war. No one knows it’s happened yet or that it’s already been lost. For the most part, humanity has been a miserable little band of thugs stumbling from one catastrophe to the next. Our history is like the ravings lunatics. kills. But we’ve changed that. For the first time, history is another system. And up until very recently, the system was working. But there’s someone we haveN’t Counted for.

The above narration of the Westworld Season 3 teaser trailer accompanies a variety of dates and events, as laid out below, in order of their appearance. They start by calling out events we’ve already experienced, like the political unrest in Hong Kong, the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump and then go on to predict a selection of other glorious events in the next few years including an ecological collapse and the assassination of the President who is elected in 2024.

6.12.19 // Divergence Hong Kong; Political Unrest, Widespread Protests

12.18.19 // Divergence Washington D.C.; Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States

5.20.20 // Divergence Indonesia; Ecological Collapse

12.09.24 // Divergence Buenos Aires; Assassination of the President-Elect of the United States

It calls humanity, i.e. non robots, to be a “miserable, little band of thugs” stumbling from one catastrophe to the next. And we continue to watch the catastrophes and the dates continue to flash on screen:

10.09.25 // Divergence Paris; Thermonuclear Incident

02.19.37 // Divergence Moscow; Start of the 2nd Russian Civil War

At that point, the narrator gets down to business. Letting us in on one piece of information that we’ve been trying to get since Westworld Season 1. Just when or where does that story take place? How far into our future did the series take place? How far in the future would we have to go to create the kind of robotic technology witnessed in the first season? And that’s right about where the teaser trailer lays it out for us.

04.17.39 // System Initiated; Undisclosed Location, Solomon Build 0.06

Sentient, organic life forms were “the” system that was initiated in 2039, in an undisclosed location (yes, they’re continuing to keep the location of Westworld quiet for now), utilizing none other than the Solomon Build, or if you dig in more to the name Solomon you find something very strange and particular. There are no characters by the name Solomon in any of the seasons of Westworld nor can you use the letters in Solomon to create an anagram for any of the character names from any part of the series. Thus, it has nothing to do with characters or people.

It has to do with a place.

They even go so far to put the words “Undisclosed Location” in front of Solomon to throw us off the scent. But if you rearrange the letters, we are let in on a very big secret. Westworld was built in Oslo, Norway. And when you take the letters O, S, L, and O away from Solomon, all you are now left with are the letters N, O, M…which stands for:

Natural Organic Material.

And so, it was on April 17th, 2039 that Westworld was created in Oslo, Norway. And while it was created, externally, to seem like an amusement park using natural organic material, underneath the amusement park veneer was an experiment to understand why humanity was destroying itself, putting robotics and sentient beings (i.e the robots) under the natural organic material itself.

So, we have determined where Westworld takes place. What year. Why. And then the teaser trailer continues to give us even more. It then tells us just how many years have passed since it’s creation, and the end of Season 2. If you look at the next date…

02.27.58 // Divergence Unknown Location; Critical Event

…you will see that there are almost 20 years between the system being initiated and the system coming up against a “critical event” — which we know was the escape of Dolores from the Oslo compound. We can further confirm this because we know that The Man in Black first entered Westworld when he was in his mid to late 30’s. When the end of Season 2 arrives, he is clearly close to his 60’s, or roughly 20 years since we first met him.

We also saw Dolores leave Westworld in a blaze of glory. We have seen other trailers that show her having escaped into some futuristic version of our world (i.e. 2058). And we are told that the system “was working” until this critical event that involves “someone they” hadn’t counted for.

Not only has Dolores left the system, she is a key to the information the powers-that-be need in order to save humanity from themselves. The teaser clearly points out a more intelligent race (even throws us an homage to The Arrival with the alien-looking language from that movie serving as the style of the graphics in this), that is not humanity, that is attempting to integrate a new system to save the World (again, like The Arrival). But with Dolores throwing a wrench into their plan, and possessing the key information they need to keep the system running and evolving, she, too, must be stopped.

And thus, Season 3 begins.

Since the teaser trailer had been released earlier today, we also went through every frame of it and paused each still so we could count every individual spec of black or sphere that appeared throughout the teaser in an attempt to determine if we were missing anything else. In doing so, we determined that there were exactly 174,500 little dots.

When we cross referenced this with the first season of Westworld and the number of people who watched each episode, we found out that only one episode from the entire first season had 1.745 (repeating) million officially-clocked viewers as reported in TV By the Numbers. That episode, was none other than “Trompe L’Oeil”.

And what happened when we rearranged the letters in “Trompe L’Oeil”? What word do you think the creators hid in that title? Something they clearly did way back when with some awareness of what was to come.

That word was periotome.

Do you know what a periotome is?

If you’ve been to a dentist you’ve seen one. The long silver metallic tool with sharp curved points on both ends. A dentist uses a periotome to sever the periodontal ligament (PDL) from the root surface of the tooth. It’s a safe way to extract the tooth without thrusting the extraction forceps deep into the PDL space, preventing damage to the bone.

And thus – now we know exactly what this other non-human group has been attempting to do all along, that is, before Dolores became their biggest problem in achieving that goal. They were attempting to sever humanity from the surface, but do so without ever creating damage to the structure of the Earth in the first place. A spherical object that is also the center focus of the Season 3 teaser trailer.

We now know the origins for Westworld. We know the wheres, the whys, the hows and the how longs. We know the ultimate game plan has nothing to do with the inside of a Western amusement park. We know the maze has nothing to do with a secret hidden inside the dusty floors of a desert or a prairie. We know that it is much bigger than this no longer-hidden location in Oslo, Norway.

We know that it is about Dolores and that she is standing in the way of humanity’s survival. But having been at the center of humanity’s violent tendencies, where will her alliances land?

That’s something we don’t know. Something we’ll see unfold starting in just a few weeks from now. But as for everything else?

Well. We think we’ve stated our case.

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