Body Language Proves That Brad And Jennifer Are Getting Back Together

At tonight’s SAG Awards, the excitement wasn’t about who won what, but rather, who touched who.

We wouldn’t be an established, well-regarded, digital entertainment portal of legitimate journalism if we didn’t at least let the millions of people who don’t have TNT on their cable service or don’t know what TNT is (except for the stuff that Wily E. Coyote uses to kill that Road Runner), that Brad Pitt won the SAG Award for Best Actor in Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood. And that Jennifer Aniston won the SAG Award for Best Actress in The Morning Show.

But that, my friends, is not the story.

As many people don’t know, once you win an award at one of these dog and pony shows, you go backstage where you walk into a room filled with people like me. Gossip-hungry, entertainment-obsessed, bottom-feeders who all carry around digital recorders and hope to get the kind of sound bytes that will turn into amazing click bait headlines.

I’m generalizing, of course.

But tonight, when Brad Pitt went backstage, so too did Jennifer Aniston, and in the middle of answering questions about their favorite early memory being a performer, and after answering questions about their favorite colour (UK reporters, of course) and way before being asked questions about what this meant for Brad’s Oscar chances and Jennifer’s Longevity‘s chances, the two exes ran into each other in front of a slew of reporters and cameramen.

And they took this photo:

Body Language (Fig 1.1); Brad’s left hand touches Jen’s right wrist. Jen’s left hand reaches towards Brad’s jagged chin. Brad smiles with his mouth and Jen smiles nervously with hers.

The history these two had together, despite breaking up after Brad had an affair with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, was still intact. The two of them still cared for each other, which has been communicated externally for years. Despite all the baggage, now that the years have given them an opportunity to heal all the wounds, these two are still close. And above all, they’re both rooting for the other to find success.

Just look at the body language in the above photo.

There’s hands. There’s touchin‘ hands. There’s reachin’ out. Brad touchin’ Jen, and Jen touchin’ Brad. Almost as if Neil Diamond, from wherever he was tonight, was channeling his best version of Sweet Caroline into the two of them. The joy is immense. They’re both excited for each other. But most importantly?

They’re equals. Equals in their careers at this moment. Equals in the awards they just both received. In that one moment, all the baggage and history between the two of them never living up equally to each others’ successes…that baggage was gone. Jettisoned. The drama that caused the two of them to split up was directly related to the jealousy each of them had for each others’ careers. They were never on the same page.

Until tonight.

Jen’s face has a nervous look of joy. She’s unsure what to do next. Brad’s already reached out. He’s already holding onto her right wrist in an attempt to not let her go. Jen isn’t sure what to do. Is this the moment she’s hoped for all these years? Is this the moment she dreamed of when she walked into the room tonight? Has everything for Brad culminated in this one, significant moment? If that above picture was all we had, we couldn’t say for sure. But then, this happened:

Body Language (Fig 1.2); Jennifer tries to turn away, afraid of where this might go, then throws caution to the wind. She reaches out to touch Brad’s heart. And instead of letting her go, he pulls it closer. Holding it there.

The center of each and every person’s soul — the heart. Jennifer reaches out and puts her hand flush against Brad’s beating heart. Brad reaches out and holds it there; he doesn’t want to let her go. Jennifer turns her head, attempting to not look him in the eyes during this extremely intimate moment. The two of them, realize, as they’re holding each other close, that this moment can live on forever. That this is just the beginning of their future together.

This body language serves as the catalyst to Brad and Jennifer getting back together.


I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. I’ve hoped and dreamed that it could be possible, but between Jen and Justin and Brad and Angelina and the real estate flips and the adopted children and the horrible, misguided Smart Water spokesperson campaign and the two boats passing by each other in the seas of Hollywood…it never looked possible.

Until tonight.

We here at SNTS are thrilled. And when I say “we”, I really mean me. Because clearly, I’m the only one who cares this much, or analyzes these photos to this extent. Clearly, all those years studying body language and pupil movements at the University of California, Berkeley, finally came in handy tonight.

It’s happening, people.

It’s time to rejoice.

Let us leave you with this adorable photo of Brad, before the above events unfolded. Looking longingly at his ex, receiving her award, and wishing he’d made different choices way back when. Hoping for reconciliation. Desperate to fall into that blanket of Jen.

Oh yes. Jennifad Anistitt is back.

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