Obi-Wan Stunk Worse Than The Mandalorian, That’s Why.

Thems be fightin’ words, I know.

But when the reports came out this morning that the Star Wars and Disney Plus series Obi-Wan starring Ewan McGregor had been shut down, and that the London crews had been sent home, and that it was partially due to the fact that Kathleen Kennedy (who is supposed to be fired soon anyway) thought the scripts and narrative through lines where too close to The Mandalorian (which sucked with each subsequent episode), all signs pointed to yet another Luke warm spin-off with a lackluster narrative spin.

But that’s only the story people are talking about today. What they’re not talking about is that Disney needs to take a fucking break with all this Star Wars shit. It’s time to do what Disney used to be great at doing throughout the 90’s and the naughts…they did it every single season; every single year. Do you know what they did?

They put content into the vault. And then they didn’t talk about the vault. Because the first rule of having successful franchises of movies is…you put the content in the vault and you forget about the vault.

Lately, all Disney seems to be doing is taking absolutely everything out of the Lucasfilm vault, plus adding new forgotten items and content from other adjacent vaults, and putting everything into production in an attempt to squeeze as much blood out of the Lucasfilm rock that they can before the entire World implodes under whatever thing you’re currently worried about causing a World implosion (insert climate change, hurricanes, tsunamis, political man-children, nuclear warheads, spreading viral outbreaks, internet Memes and the next Nicholas Cage movie into that category.)

The mistakes that Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy and Disney keep getting raked over the coals for is the result of throwing an entire kitchen sink at the World and believing and hoping in their heart of hearts that just because it has the Star Wars logo in front of it, that it’s gonna be good. But as we’ve seen, all that does it cause chaos and throws a monkey wrench into the Force. Their inability to take a beat and focus on making only the best, few pieces of content, has caused the nightmares of Solo, The Mandalorian, the latest Star Wars movie (that shall not be named) and this whole Obi-Wan situation.

It’s not instilling a whole lot of confidence when we already had lost our confidence in the Powers That Be.

We talked about The Mandalorian before. It was a meandering retread of Highway to Heaven that only kept people interested because of the cute Muppet at its center. But that Muppets’ cuteness wore out fast, and all we were left with was a never-ending, desert island of fruitless journeys and unexciting bounty hunting. From the sounds of it, Obi-Wan was also heading down the same overly-cute pathway. Obi-Wan, training yet another young child (human not Muppet) in the ways of the Force.

Apparently, rumors have surfaced today from across the pond on the set of the London production, that today’s shutdown came out of nowhere despite the crew starting to feel like what they were producing wasn’t living up to the Obi-Wan brand. Word was that it felt cloying and childish and much like Return of the Jedi, which took an idea and set of characters held in high regard, and brought them down to a more pedestrian level so as to make it palatable for Disney’s streaming service. As has been the case with much of the Originals on the streaming upstart, adults viewers have found the content to be directly focused on the younger demographic, which isn’t necessarily surprising, but makes for a less than engaging Star Wars or (just wait) Marvel experience.

Again, rumors have surfaced that some on the London crew had seen Kathleen Kennedy having intense conversations with Ewan and director Deborah Chow (The Mandalorian) about the direction of the series, and with what we’re hearing was a decrease in interest in The Mandalorian on the streaming service over the course of the 8 episodes, caused worry and concern that they would be delivering yet another less-than-engaging Original Star Wars series.

And with you, the crazy-insane-passionate-ludicrous Star Wars fans just looking for the next disaster on the Lucasfilm horizon, the last thing Disney can afford is a complete and total collapse of the built-in audience for the franchise. It’s already declining, as has been witnessed by the latest Star Wars film (that will not be named), generating less than the last film, and less than the film before that.

So, you crazy m’fers — put that shit in the vault.

For all intents and purposes, that’s what Disney decided to do today. Shut the shit down, freeze Obi-Wan‘s production teams in carbonate, and give it a rest. Stop talking about it. Stop releasing stories about more things in development. Stop approaching directors like Taika Waititi for new films. Just shut the shit down. Be quiet. And not talk about it for awhile.

Zip it. Pack it up. And shut the damn vault.

It worked for Peter Pan. So why can’t it work for Obi-Wan?

Of course, you’re gonna find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

Our point of view, however, just happens to be the right one.

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