We Were Right About Parasite, Neon And Hollywood

We were right about Parasite.

Just a month ago, we wrote about how Parasite would be one of the few foreign films to be nominated for Best Picture, then went on to commit to a very hopeful, yet unpopular statistical outcome — that the Neon film would go on to win it all.

We’ll keep linking to that article so you don’t forget who was right.

Mind you, there were journalists and movie critics and the general moviegoing public who had hoped that Parasite could do it. Some said Parasite would get the expected International Film Oscar and potential screenplay and maybe Director. But Best Picture was not in the cards. The statistics didn’t prove it. Sam Mendes got the DGA award. There was no way in hell that Parasite would win it all.

Yet, we said it would on January 5th, 2020.

In saying such a thing, we were also saying something about Neon, which in no uncertain terms was that this indie distributor on-the-rise had been building a campaign that was preparing Bong Joon-Ho to take it all. We spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the potential of this movie, the Awards campaign and Academy Screeners that Neon sent out, and went so far as to put ourselves on the line to commit to Parasite winning every major award it was up for.

So, what does that say about us? Does it mean we had some kind of inside information, other than eavesdropping potential AMPAS voters at the local Arclight Hollywood? Does it mean that SNTS is better at reading the tea leaves than most? Does it mean our algorithm of combining gossip, candy counter rumor and common sense can far outperform the most established of outlets?

Yes. Yes. Yes and yes.

It also means that most outlets’ predictions that the Academy is on its last legs is clearly wrong. It means that the work the Academy has done to diversify their voting body both from an ethnicity and international perspective has done wonders. It means that spending $100 million on marketing a $200 million mob picture won’t upend the industry just yet.

It means we still have time, people. We still…have…time.

Not only does last night’s Best Picture win for Parasite prove that there is room for challenging films helmed by genius filmmakers, but it provides hope in a country where half its inhabitants seek to return our country to a point in time when we were not a melting pot of acceptance, but a whitewashed continent of xenophobic patriots. Not only does last night’s win prove that the Academy and Hollywood are opening themselves up to all talent, all voices and all kinds of stories; but it will also open up the door to new voices and new potential films being made right here in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Yes, last night’s wins for Parasite were key. Were important. Were proof that, well, we were right.

So on this day-after-Oscar morning, we congratulate our friends at Neon, our beloved Bong Joon-Ho, and happily accept our award for the best predictor and most confident soothsayer here in Hollywood.

We are ready for our close-up.

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