The Mysterious Case Of Julia Fox’s Missing Instagram Husband

On the first of the year, I pleaded to the public to leave Julia Fox alone and stop harassing her for (a) being hot and start lauding her for (b) being a great actress in Uncut Gems and to (c) step off, because she was married and committed to husband Peter Artemiev…a mysterious dude who worked in aviation.

But he wasn’t that mysterious. I mean, for god’s sake — he was all over Julia Fox’s Instagram account.

But tonight, around 6:48 pm Pacific Standard Time, something looked different about Julia’s Instagram account. To wit:

Do you know, or have any sense of what is missing? When you stare at those eighteen glorious (most recent) posts on her IG account, can you determine what’s wrong? Do you, deep in your soul (like me) know that there is something glaringly wrong here?

Her husband, Peter Artemiev, has flown the coop.

Julia promptly deleted every single picture of Peter from her Instagram account tonight. It started promptly around 6:32 pm Pacific Standard Time, then within a mere sixteen minutes, every single image of Peter Artemiev was gone. It was almost like he never existed. Like all Julia Fox had been focused on in her life lately was Uncut Gems, modeling bras, and kissing Adam Sandler.

What pray tell had happened?

Rumors tell the tale. This being Valentine’s Day, some had assumed that it was more about what Peter hadn’t done today for Julia; but sources close to the couple tell SNTS that the two had, in fact, made a decision to separate just prior to the Independent Spirit Awards last Saturday afternoon. It was just that today, being Valentine’s Day and all, and Julia seeing so much social media on other people’s accounts about their significant others, made her want to remove the photos so they weren’t there on such a symbolic day.

Just why the two separated hasn’t been confirmed, but where there’s some there’s fire. Julia had rapidly come into the limelight after her first acting role in Uncut Gems and was immediately the center of attention. My original post on Julia, which was lashing out at the public for giving her an inordinate amount of attention for her “assets” instead of recognizing her raw talent, saw hundreds of thousands of views, and continues to do so as I type this today.

Nutshell: the world is fascinated with Julia Fox.

The fascination and attention was too much for Peter to handle. Being “in aviation” is so far removed from the limelight of Hollywood, that before too long Peter couldn’t quite handle the attention Julia was getting. But more so, people tell us, it was how much Julia became M.I.A. throughout the campaign process for the film. Before long, as is often the case, absence does not cause the heart to grow fonder. Instead, absence causes people to get annoyed, frustrated, and make split-second decisions that, in the end, can blow up an entire relationship.

That’s what we hear happened with Julia and Peter.

And of course, now that Julia is rumored to be separating from Peter, or single in any way whatsoever, the Internet is blowing up with unrealistic fantasies about finally having that one big shot at landing the Foxster for themselves.

Well, wake up people. It ain’t happening.

What’s going to continue to happen is exactly what I pleaded with all of you to do before. Focus on her talent. Focus on her stratospheric rise in the world of entertainment. Focus on her ability to be a chameleon while also being that everywoman you feel like you’ve known for ages.

Outside of that, don’t you all think it’s time we gave her some space?

For us here at SNTS, that’s our plan.

Right after this article, of course.

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