Who Gets Credit For Sonic The Hedgehog?

70 million for the four-day opening weekend to Sonic The Hedgehog. A fantastic number that kept growing over the weekend. If you pay attention in Hollywood to updates over any weekend, once adjusted projections begin they almost always continue to rise/fall as things unfold. Whichever way the momentum goes Friday night/Saturday usually just snowballs.

And so Paramount gets a much needed win. A boost they desperately needed after eating some shit-burgers like Gemini Man, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Rhythm Section. So congratulations. I guess.

See the real story here is the question of just who deserves credit for this big win? Because the “geniuses” that brought you Sonic are the same people that brought you the other turds I mentioned. The folks at Paramount I mean of course, as the filmmakers are different on each of those projects.

So for sure you have to start the congrats with the filmmakers. At the end of the day, their movie worked. Was it a good script by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller (the credited writers)? Great director, Jeff Fowler? Great decision obviously to re-tool the look of Sonic after fans online freaked out over his human teeth in early promo materials.

All of them, and the producers, deserve some credit. Even though we’ll never know just how much of the success was driven by the Sonic brand itself, which has been around and building since 1991. How good did the movie really have to be? No way to tell. But even with the brand, if the product was total shit this could have been a disaster, so again they deserve credit.

It wasn’t the cast. No one went because of Jim Carrey or James Marsden, regardless of how good they are in the film. Sorry.

But what about all the people celebrating and patting themselves on the back at Paramount? From the chairman, to the heads of production, marketing, and distribution, to all the zillions of trickle-down people below them? Almost all of those people were doing their same jobs on those other turds (Gemini Man, Terminator).

So what gives? Are they good at what they do? Or do they suck? Or are they simply average? I wonder if they are even mostly irrelevant? Isn’t this what happens everywhere? Depending on the movies themselves, some are winners and some are losers. This is the pattern at every movie studio (in case no one noticed). And that includes Disney (have you seen the results every time they veer off their big brands? See: Tomorrowland, A Wrinkle In Time, and all the Fox garbage like Stuber and Dark Phoenix the Disney machine can do nothing with, among others).

The bottom line? Most of these studio people (not just Paramount) are not special. They are competent enough, they know how to do their jobs. They have the same batting averages as their counterparts at other studios, and most of the time their wins and losses simply depend on the movies themselves. Yes the Disney folks are smug because their batting averages seem higher, but that’s just because they lean so heavily on the big brands. We see what happens when they don’t have that, and the crews from any other studio would have the same success if they swapped lots. Truth hurts?

So who really made a difference in Sonic being such a success? The chairman who greenlit the movie? Who also greenlit Gemini Man? The distribution guy who picked the release date? The marketing team that also did so great with Dark Fate? I’m sure of the hundreds of people involved who will all take credit, a handful of them deserve some. But which ones? Most of them simply didn’t matter.

So congrats again, to everyone at Paramount who made this movie such a success!

If anyone.

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  1. Jeremy

    Just found this site and was so excited about a site that wasn’t a trade, but reading through a lot of this and it’s clear there is a basic knowledge of the industry that is missing and undermines the keen observations you do have. In this story’s case, not knowing the history of the projects you use as examples. Gemini Man was developed and co-financed by Skydance who put it as the stalking horse for re-upping their deal when the new Paramount regime came in. They had little choice. Terminator was jointly green lighted by Fox and Paramount because of Jim Cameron and Disney kept with it because of Avatarland, etc. Paramount needed movies desperately, so they went along to try to change their (dark) fate. No one really deserves credit for Sonic, but the director, screenwriters and guy at Paramount who agreed to pay for the re-shoots of the character. The question is how that abortion of a character was developed at Sony for years and by the producers and backed by Sega and no one ever noticed it was so far from what fans liked???

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