It’s A Little Bit Too Quiet For A Quiet Place 2

Two weeks.

That’s how long it is until the John Krasinski helmed A Quiet Place 2 hits theaters. Yet, lift your head up and pull that slanket off your body and take a look around and tell me if you’ve seen much marketing for the Paramount release.

Well, have you?

If you’re an LA-based Entertainment-ite, and perhaps you frequent the Arclight Cinemas, you might have seen a pretty horrible Arclight Stories feature with the sound guys behind the movie that has, well, no sound. Comically, when SNTS saw that feature play in front of The Invisible Man, it played without sound due to some technical gaffe. It was funny. Really funny.

But what’s not funny? The lack of marketing we’re seeing for the upcoming Emily Blunt-starring sequel.

Reasonable, smart, well-connected, intelligent, thoughtful people will tell you that Paramount doesn’t need to put a ton of money into marketing. The first movie did so well for them that there’s a built in audience ready to come out in droves, wearing face-masks and consuming huge buckets of Purell in the process. Some have even suggested that if there is a movie-going community who is open to braving the invisible virus-laden landscape for a movie, it is the audience who made A Quiet Place a success. It’s not the over 60+ crowd. It’s the 18-40 demographic.

Sure, there have been some level of media buys on traditional, terrestrial television. There are clearly a decent amount of graphical marketing teases landing on the social media platforms. But we are clearly the core audience for this movie and we have not seen more than that. And in the game of marketing, it doesn’t much matter how much you tell me you’re spending to market a movie…if we’re not hearing the noise…? If most people have no idea that the film is coming out in two weeks…? Then, while you might not have a significant box office problem, you still may be leaving money on the table.

And Paramount? Aside from continuing to debate internally who really should get the credit for the success of Sonic the Hedgehog; they need another success to keep the hopes of profitability someday…in the hearts and minds of the Paramounters on the lot.

While we said it on Twitter, and will be laying it out more in detail later today with regards to The Way Back, we are existing in a time where the Hollywood system is at risk. At least the traditions it has developed and built upon all these years. A studio can no longer hope that a film based on a successful one can do all the heavy lifting itself. So when you have a huge opportunity like A Quiet Place 2, you need to pull out all the stops.

Where are the early preview screenings for paying audiences? Where are the branded ear-plugs? Where’s the first ten minutes of the movie, free-to-watch, on CBS All Access? Where’s the digital tie-ins to the first movie, with a reduced price on iTunes, and the opportunity to remind people how great the film was when it originally came out? Sure, there was an Emily Blunt piece somewhere in a print magazine…but…?

Which, again, they may be doing.

But we ain’t seeing it.

Weeks ago we raised the same question, when it was even quieter, to people at Paramount itself. The party line then, was that they were focusing on Sonic and would “get to Quiet 2” once they’d launched that film. But that film turned out to be bigger than anyone expected and so the all-hands-on-deck mentality was to keep punching above their weight on the kids film and didn’t need to over-index on a film that already was looking good.

But was it? Is it? Are you even seeing anything about it?

Did you know it was coming out in a fortnight? Did you realize it wasn’t a sequel but a prequel? Did you know that the original scrapped title was A Quiet Place 2: The Quietening?

Yes, those marketing execs were sacked. And sacked good.

We kid because we love. We criticize because we care. We call this out because we think that while Paramount still has a chance, they should ramp up the marketing spend in ways they put off to the side. Pull out all the stops people, calculate the coronavirus cannibalization and over-spend if you want to get that ultimate number you were originally hoping for. You know the one. The one your finance people said you’re responsible for?

It’s time for A Quiet Place 2 to not be so quiet.

Not if you want it to deliver in spades.

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