Show The Way Back The Way To Streaming

Take that, Netflix! Says Warner Bros. as they unleash Ben Affleck’s The Way Back this weekend. In movie theaters. You know, for about ten bucks a ticket just to see on the big screen. Did I mention this movie is being released in movie theaters?

It’s on it’s way to about 8 million and change for the weekend. Which is embarrassing for any wide release movie, even though they’ll talk about how it was such a cheap movie to make, right in line with expectations, blah blah blah.

So we have to ask… why?

The Way Back is the perfect example of movies that no longer have any business being released in movie theaters. Try HBO Max. Or any streamer really, they’re not picky – they’ll all put out any piece of shit, they just want content. And consumers don’t seem to care.

But it’s a really good movie you say? 88 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes? And Ben Affleck is a movie star (I guess)?

Doesn’t MATTER. There’s absolutely no reason to see this movie in a theater. They can’t even come up with a reason in the PROMO materials. That’s the place where they lie, cheat, and say ANYTHING to get you to go. And the best they came up with here is that… it’s a basketball movie.

It’s like the marketing department just gave up. Pretty sure I saw a quote on one of the commercials that said “Yeah, sorry, just wait for PPV”. Followed by “We know, we know” and “We already apologized”.

I can’t even find one of their TV promos on Youtube. How ashamed are they that they don’t even want their own promos to be SEEN?

Why fight it, right WB? I mean you tried hard with Doctor Sleep and still no one showed up, so why bother anymore? That was a good movie too. Just wave the white flag until the mothership stops making you put streaming movies on the big screen.

Here’s the sad truth. We’re stuck in a transition period right now. In a few years this won’t happen anymore. There will be a much clearer picture of movies that belong on the big screen and movies that don’t. But in the meantime, studios will be slow (how shocking) to adapt.

Fox had almost nothing in the pipeline that was big-screen-worthy, as Disney is finding out the hard way. The Call Of The Wild? Underwater? They can’t escort those movies off the lot and to Disney Plus fast enough.

In the future people will look back and laugh that movies like The Way Back were released in theaters in the age of streaming. And here’s an even bolder prediction: it will take awhile, but movie theaters will all go the way of drive-in theaters. A few will stick around for novelty, but eventually people will realize there really aren’t ANY movies that must be seen in a theater for 10-15 bucks a pop.

And that includes Marvel and Fast And Furious Part 17. Want to see it on the big screen? Go ahead.

It’s called a big screen TV.

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